Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project 2015

I am so honored to be part of the PUBLIC BREASTFEEDING AWARENESS PROJECT again this year.   The Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project was created by Leilani Rogers as a way to bring together professional photographers of the world in hopes to raise more awareness for breastfeeding in pubic and empower more moms to do it.

This project is about empowerment, not about shaming mothers on how they choose to feed their child. I believe all mothers should have support regardless of how they choose to feed their baby. What works for some does not work for all, but how dare we suggest to a woman that she should  feed her child in a bathroom (“where she will be more comfortable”).  How dare we shame a woman for doing what her body was meant to do naturally. How dare we tell her to cover up. We are telling her to cover up the bond that her and her baby share for a reason.  Breastfeeding has so many benefits for both mom and baby how can it be wrong? The more that these photos are seen and the stories told and the stigmas changed,  the more everyone will see that this is normal.

I am proud to support these moms and this movement with my photography. To show the world the beauty that is breastfeeding.

Here are some of the moms who came out to support PBAP2015. A big thank you to Leilani Rogers for making this project possible with her hard work and determination to normalize breastfeeding in public.

*below are some quotes from the moms who are breastfeeding in public.

PBAP 2015-3 Sabrina bean

“We had a challenging birth, and then an even worse time breastfeeding. I wanted to quit after two weeks but my husband encouraged me to keep going. Then, one day I looked at the calendar and realized that if I lasted just one more week, Autumn and I would have made it through an entire month of nursing! It was just what I needed. So I kept doing that: making goals on the calendar – 6 weeks, 2 months, 3 months. Until finally at month 4 I saw how easy it had become and the ways it had helped us bond. Now at 21 months I’m so grateful we stuck with it. Nursing in public is important to me because I believe the normalization of breastfeeding will aid mothers and babies in countless ways and have an incredibly beneficial ripple effect in our society. Breastfeeding, for however long, in whatever way a mother feels comfortable is a win/win for all of us.”

PBAP2015-7 Sabrina Bean

PBAP2015-4 Sabrina Bean

PBAP2015-8 sabrina bean PBAP2015-9 Sabrina Bean PBAP2015-11 Sabrina Bean


PBAP2015-14 Sabrina Bean

PBAP2015-19 sabrina bean

pbap2015 colalge

Much love and appreciation to all the mamas that came out to show their support! For more PBAP photos check out

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Better late than Never with Sabrina Bean photography

I figured since it’s hotter than Haiti’s outside, the thought of a chilly day might make you feel cooler. I thought I would share a session I did back in January. Being a photographer is fantastic, especially when I get to meet some of the most fabulous people on the planet. This fun family is from Canada, eh. ;) Thank goodness they were used to the cold weather  because it was so windy and chilly the morning of our session. You would never know they were wishing for their jackets. Such professionals! I suppose it’s better late than never…. here are some shots from our session long ago on that chilly january morning. brrrr







Three years with Sabrina Bean Photography

I have had the great privilege of photographing this family for the last three years. Watching these children grow has been so rewarding. I love that when they see me and I am greeted with a high-five or a hug around my knees or a shy smile. Watching them grow from wee ones on mamas hip to learning how to swim has brought me so many smiles.  I feel like they are family. I have been invited into their home to celebrate special moments, birthdays and holidays and family reunions.   I am so honored to have been your  family photographer and friend.  Recently they told me that are leaving Austin and heading for a new adventure.  I hope this is not goodbye forever, but just a see you later. Thank you Schieffer family for being so kind and loving, funny and accommodating, generous and caring and for being one of  my favorite families to photograph. See you in Nebraska! ;) JS36wlogo

















2wlogo 1wlogo 7wlogo 13wlogo


A year long birthday celebration with sabrina bean photography

Being a photographer is by far the best job I’ve had. It certainly doesn’t feel like work to me when you get to capture precious moments for good-hearted people. My grandpa always said “find something you love to do and it will never feel like work” His words were so spot on! I LOVE what I do and it certainly does not feel like work and I get to meet some of the sweetest families.

A little over a year ago I was recommended to this beautiful couple who were absolutely thrilled when they were found out they were expecting. Seeing as doctors told them they would  not be able to get pregnant, this was indeed a very special maternity session for us both. I was incredibly honored and touched to photograph this momentous time in their lives.

fbcover A gorgeous mother-to-be, glowing and full of love. LP9wlogo

Not much later I got the call it was time to meet baby girl! YEAH!

My favorite part! Little toes and little hands and new baby smell is so heavenly :) Alina9wlogoAlina17wlogo

I cannot believe a year has passed so quickly and now this beautiful baby girl is now ONE! To make this even sweeter, her cousin is only a few weeks older.  Naturally a  double birthday celebration was in order. So when I got a message that Mom wanted to arrange a MOVIE INSPIRED session I was so excited!  An UP themed session, are you kidding me??? This was going to be ridiculous cute! Not only is this one of my favorite Pixar movies, but how fantastic would this be with these two adorable children in real life! BALLOONS, BASKETS, SUITCASES, LITTLE SUSPENDERS, AHHHH!  I could totally picture the whole scene in my head with all the props and costumes that she was bringing, this was gonna be AWESOME :) Happy Birthday little ones! It’s been so much fun watching you grow!

Here are some of the shots from our UP inspired session. For more Bean, check out my FB or IG page.

2wlogo 4wlogo 6wlogo 11wlogo 14wlogo 17wlogo 21wlogo



Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project 2014

PBAP5wlogo This project was started by Local Austin Photographer Leilani Rogers. An award winning birth photographer, mother of four and an incredibly talented woman. Her experience with breastfeeding her children in public is what began this whole project. Now, years later she has gathered a group of photographers from all over the World to join her Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project. #pbap2014 I had the great pleasure of viewing and sharing many photos from different photographers during World Breastfeeding Week  on Facebook. Not only did they capture the beauty and naturalness of breastfeeding, but also the many different ways that moms breastfeed. It’s so important that moms have support regardless of the method they choose for their child. Although I am not a mom, I am a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding mothers. My sister, Gena Kirby of  Progressive Parenting,  is a mother of four gorgeous children. ( auntie is slightly bias) ;)  Having been by her side at the birth of her first child and was able to cut her cord was a life changing event, to say the least.  However, the next day when my sister was trying to breastfeed Ava for the first time, the pain was quite audible!  Since that day eleven years ago, her journey with breastfeeding has taught me so much more than I ever thought I would need to know. Let me back up a bit… years ago, my sister and I owned a Maternity Resource Center in Fresno, California  (Mommy Matters ). In the four years we had the store, I learned and listened to many a mama in need of breastfeeding help.  Since we sold Medela and Ameda pumping products,  I had to educate myself on all the in’s and out’s of not only how the pump worked, but why it would be good for mom.  I sat in lactation consultations and listened to the mama groups talk about their milestones, their setbacks, their frustrations and their great excitement when there was a successful latch. All these women, their stories and adorable babies that filled our store gave me an appreciation and respect for Motherhood that I don’t think I would come close to understanding if it had not been for our store.   I know that doesn’t put me anywhere even remotely close to knowing what it’s like to breastfeed, but I sure do respect those who do and those who try.  I am always tempted to give a big thumbs up and a big cheesy grin ( like the dork I am) to moms who breastfeed in public. I think I’ll pass these out instead :) Screenshot 2014-08-08 20.52.27 It’s been 11 years since I took my first photo as a photographer and I have loved every minute since. Capturing the bond between mother and child  is one of my favorite things to photograph for families.  I would like to thank each and every mom and dad who participated in my photo sessions. Thank you for making this vision a reality and thank you for breastfeeding your babies in public! :) A BIG OL THANK YOU goes out to Leilani Rogers. Her hard work and dedication to this project was phenomenal!  This project gained lots of media attention and was featured in the Huffington Post,Elite Daily and Redbook, which I’m proud to say featured one of my photographs. :) Click on the links to read the articles. I look forward to next years #pbap2015 , only this time I’ll start much sooner than the week before! Here are some of my contributions for PUBLIC BREASTFEEDING AWARENESS PROJECT BFAP1wlogo.jpg PBAP8wlogoPBAP4wlogoPBAP2wlogo PBAP4wlogo PBAP37wlogoPBAP12wlogoPBAP5wlogoPBAP16wlogoPBAP1wlogo BF Jack at the pool with logopbapblog1PBAP2wlogo PBAP7wlogo PBAP15wlogoPBAP3wlogo




















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Just born 4

The Day Jack was born with Sabrina Bean Photography

When my sister Gena told me she was expecting her fourth baby, I knew she was going to have a boy this time. They have never found out the sex of the baby until birth-day, yet somehow I knew  it was gonna be a boy! As Gena’s belly grew rapdily, I found myself imagining what her birth would be like. Would it be during the day? Would I get the perfect shot when baby arrives? Where will she deliver? The W hotel was mentioned a few times. I could see it now… Check in with no baby, check out with a new baby. Complete with huge hat and dark sunglasses and her personal paparazzi to boot! LOL Sure, G. ;)

The morning before Gena went into labor, we all met for lunch at our favorite farm to table restaurant, 24 Diner. Gena was in good spirits considering the Texas heat and that week 40 was upon her. Literally, up-on-her!  She looked amazing20140720-155854-57534256.jpg



















I was at work the next day when I received a text from Gena that Sushi (their dog) had been bitten by a rattlesnake FOUR TIMES!


I called her immediately and could hear the sadness and fear for Sushi in her voice.

I immediately thought this could trigger her labor. She had been having contractions for weeks, but something in her voice made me think this could be it. When we got off the phone I closed my eyes and I said a little prayer for Sushi and for G. When I  got off work at six-o-clock,  I called Gena to see how she was AND how Sushi was doing. She began to tell me this horrendous story of how Craig ( her husband) took Sushi to the vet, only they wanted $2000 to help her (WHAT???!!!) I was livid and yelling as tears came down my face for Sushi.

 “WHY WON’T THEY HELP HER”?? I asked. Isn’t THAT their JOB?!!

She interrupted my yelling to tell me the story gets better.

BETTER?!  How?

She told me how a very generous woman in the waiting room who had been there when Craig came in with Sushi , overheard and saw the entire situation unfold. When she overheard Craig having to decide to either euthanize his dog or give her over to the Vet, she intervened. That lovely woman paid for Sushi to get the anti-venom and Vet care. $2000!!!!! WOW!!! I cried even more tears, only this time with joy!

As Gena continued with her story, I could hear her pausing and breathing through her contractions. I noticed that they were about 3 minutes apart  as I drove home. I told her that I would go home and grab some clothes and come be with the family as we pray for Sushi to heal. As I left my house I had a feeling that the baby was coming; that the stress of this emotional event would put her into labor. I changed my clothes, decided to grab my camera and headed to my sister’s house. When I was about 5 minutes away, my sister sent me this text.











I raced  to her house to find her at the top of the stairs with a very odd, yet calm look about her.

“Guess we’re not going to the W.” I said. ;)

Another contraction hit and down to her knees she went with the primal sounds of mother-to-be in labor.

This was it! NOW IT WAS TIME!


Gena with her Doula Amanda Cooper



















I grabbed my camera, took off my sister-hat and put on my photographer-hat.  I was ready to rock these  birth photos! Unfortunately, my camera was causing too much distraction and was asked to stop.

( I was not expecting this to happen so soon, I barely took 5 shots) Yikes!

I thought I would at least get some great shots before having to stop. Nope.  I put away my Nikon and took out my trusty iPhone 5. With my iPhone silent and tons of room for pictures, ( new phone)  I began to snap away as she focused, as she moaned, as she breathed , as she looked into her husband eyes, as she labored, as she pushed, as she became a mother, again.

jack3wlogoJack6   Jack15
































Even now as I type, I still find myself processing it all. Recalling the words that I kept chanting in my head while she focused on her breath…OooooPEN, OooooPEN, OooooPEN.  Never did I think/ imagine that I would be visualizing my sister opening. A weird thought perhaps, but also my only way to help her as I watched  from the sidelines.

 (so i thought)

I can still recall that exact moment when I  my photographer-hat came off and my sister-hat went back on. It got really quite for a second and then she looked at me and said, “BEAN, I need you!” It all happened so fast. First I was capturing all this and then I was right there BOOM, HOLDING my sister in my arms, on the floor, as she birthed her baby. With my right arm holding onto my sister, the force of her pinning me to the bathroom door frame as she pushed, I held my iPhone blindly with my left hand, as seconds later   “Baby D” was caught by his Daddy…..(now remember, we didn’t know the sex of the baby)


“IT”S A BOY!!!!” Craig and I said simultaneously as we immediately looked between the baby’s legs. YEAH!!!! IT’S A BOY!! THREE GIRLS AND NOW A BOY!


Jack T. Kirby was born May 7th, 2014 at 10:58pm at home.

jack8wlogo   Jack9wlogopg jack7

They say that when one life comes in, one life goes out.

Sigh… only 12 short hours after beautiful baby Jack was born, sweet Sushi was put to sleep due to the agonizing pain she was in from the venom that ravished her sweet body. The pain she was in was too much for any dog to take. My brother-in-law and my oldest niece were by her side as Sushi closed her eyes for the last time. Sweet dreams Sushi girl, you will always be in our hearts. Your sweet grin and loving cuddles will always make us smile.

Rest In Peace Sweet Sushi.

sushi blog2 .jpg.

sushi blog

 however sad, life does go on…. bittersweet as it may be. Kirbys in bed 1 .jpg

 Now, almost three months later everyone is adjusting to life with a new baby in the house and life without Sushi. The house is now quiet when someone knocks on the door. There are scraps of lunch under the table that Sushi so kindly used to pick up after the girls.

Instead of barking, there is now a sweet little coo coming from the adorable little boy who  helps our hearts heal a little easier as the loss of Sushi sometimes sweeps over us like a punch in the gut.

 So we just stare at Jack and let his little smile melt our hearts and make us smile. 10410984_10203476502525641_8992023986913988228_n

The day after jack was born I attended a painting class to relax and unwind after the very eventful/emotional week. We were to paint a Matisse that evening, but when I saw the painting I instantly saw my sister in this image and knew I had to paint her as my way of processing this moment I had just experienced and honor the beauty that I believe birth to be. 980670_660126617395276_3145848236363351256_oJust born 4


Being there when my nephew was born was pretty damn magical!

Even now, I am still in awe of my sister.

I am in awe of her strength and passion for what she does daily

I am in awe of the pain she will endure to do what’s best for her child.

I am in awe of how driven she is toward making birth better for all women.

I am in awe of how she birthed all her babies into this world.

I am in awe of her strength.

I am in awe of  Birth.

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The girl next door IS the ROCKSTAR with Sabrina Bean photography

Talent, beauty, brains and a Rockstar attitude to boot! A True Force of  Nature!

Rona Rougeheart is the girl you WISHED lived next door. When Rona and I discussed this session I had envisioned a “girl next door” sort of vibe. A Day in the Life of a Rockstar if you will.

By day Rona is a talented graphic design artist, I know this because she is the one who made my Bean logo and by night she is the bad ass drummer for DEAD LOVE CLUB. How much more amazing can you get???!!

Oh, did I mention she is incredibly sweet and completely down to earth! She also has legs for days and a smile that is infectious and a laugh that would make the toughest man grin like a little girl.  I am so grateful to have met this incredible woman when I moved to Austin almost four years ago. I treasure her friendship greatly and admire her passion and gusto for life! Her inner beauty truly shines through and makes her a beautiful being inside and out!   It’s one of the things I love most about this lady.

This session started at 6:30 in the morning. She played a show the night before and only slept for an hour and a half, NOW THAT”S A ROCKSTAR! Here are a few of the shots from our session. Rona16wlogoRona6wlogo

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