Daily Austin 74

Med Mob captured by sabrina bean photography

The Lamar pedestrian bridge is usually filled with the hustle and bustle of joggers, bicyclists, lots of people walking their dogs and many children running about with mom and dad. This past Sunday  the Lamar bridge was occupied by about 75 people participating in a Mass Med Mob Meditation. I had to see this for myself, so my sister and I took the kids to the bridge to witness this ourselves.  I know I have said many times in my post how much I love Austin, but this event made me truly fall in love with this city! Standing on this bridge watching all of these people meditating was so miraculous. To be on a bridge that is usually pretty noisy with all the pedestrians to having so many people on the bridge and it being so quiet and still was simply awe-inspiring. The energy was incredible even a little bit overwhelming for me, yet  very calm and peaceful at the same time. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the wee ones were getting restless. My oldest niece Ava even participated and said she saw different colors and door opening. This experience for me is just the beginning of me exploring this city, I felt I was filled with so much love and energy when I left there. I wish I could have stayed there all day.

Daily Austin 57

sabrina bean photography lovin on Frost Bank Tower

Architecture has always been a love of mine. I find myself photographing building after building, but I’m especially fond of Frost Tower in downtown Austin, Texas. Some say it looks like an owl from any direction, some say it’s the centerpiece of the Austin skyline, some say it reminds them of giant nose hair clippers. Either way Frost Tower  is a magnificent building with more than 200,000 sq ft of glass for the facade of the building alone and 45,000 feet was used for the crown.
The Frost Tower was built in 2003. Standing 515 feet (157 m) tall with 33 floors, it is the third tallest building in Austin, behind the 360 Condominiums. I truly enjoy seeing the Tower when I head to work, I love living in a city with gorgeous architecture and style. These are just a few in my Frost Bank folder, apparently I can’t seem to stop photographing the tower from every angle.


“MY” Hipstamatic World by sabrina bean photography

Having an iPhone certainly has its perks, especially all the wonderful aps that you can download for free! I always ask other iPhone users what their favorite ap is and usually Hipstamatic is the winner. It amazes me that even when I don’t have my Nikon, I still have a camera with me, pocket-size with many lenses, filters and flashes that I can change with just a simple swipe of my finger.


Recently I found Hipstamatic World on Facebook and have been even more hooked with taking Hipsta pics. I have quite a collection now and each one is perfect with its many colors or even just in black and white. Either way, I am addicted to Hipstamatic and its endless possibilities. I even take it with me solely sometimes just to see what different types of shots I can get and share with the world, the Hipstamatic World of course. Here are few from “My World.”

spring is here

Mr. Blue


Sunset from 360 bridge

my ride.. yeah right

Frost Tower

on my way to work

Uma in the light

360 Bridge

spring has sprung to pink

spotted cacti

little hands

olive tree and sky

Me in my Hipstamatic World

all smiles

sabrina bean photography mini session at Zilker Park

This session with little Beatrix started off as a mini session, but we were having too much fun to stop at half an hour…so an hour later we finished up just as the sun was setting. Zilker Park has the best colors right now. Everything is blooming and all the different shades of green are so majestic. I know I say in all my blogs how grateful I am for what I get to do, but I’m so happy that I am following what I LOVE to do. I get to meet some really cool people and adorable kids and I get to be outdoors!  Creating beautiful memories for amazing families is so rewarding!

Austin has so many great places to photograph. I can’t wait to do more mini sessions all over town. A big thank you to the Cole’s for making our time so much fun.

daddy kisses

peek a boo

happy family

so much love

all smiles


Lets Go Fly A Kite with sabrina bean photography

Austin’s annual Kite Festival is held on the  first Sunday in March at Zilker Park. This years 82nd  festival turned out 20, 000 people and hundreds of colorful kites.The ‘Kite Tournament’ was created by The Exchange Club of Austin in 1929 with a mission to encourage creativity in children. There wasn’t a whole lot of wind, but that didn’t stop the festivities. With hundreds of kites in the air, you couldn’t help but feel like a little kid. Adults and children running and throwing their kites in the air trying to grab a gust of wind to take their kites soaring. It was beautiful day to fly a kite! Zilker Metropolitan Park is a recreational area in the heart of south Austin (near Barton Springs Pool and Lady Bird Lake) that comprises over 350 acres of publicly owned land.  It is named after its benefactor Andrew Jackson Zilker, who donated the land to the city in 1917.  It was developed into the park during the Great Depression in the 1930s and officially opened in 1936.  The park serves as a hub for many recreational activities and the hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake, both of which run next to the park.  The park was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 1997.

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sabrina bean photography for Al-Anoud Dajani Designs

I am so blessed to have met some pretty talented people in my life. I have so many creative and gifted friends around me from Austin, Texas all the way to Portland, Oregon. This particular friend and former co-worker is Al-Anoud Dajani of Portland. An amazing Designer and seamstress, she also has an incredible eye for detail and color. Her dresses are one of kind and so incredibly stunning. Her business is booming of course and needless to say I am so honored that I had the chance to photograph her gorgeous gowns when I did! It’s not everyday you can say you photographed a famous designer. Thank you Al-Anoud, I miss seeing your beautiful smile! I wish you all the best! You can see the rest of Al-Anoud’s collection on her website.

*Featured Model – Chanel Iman and her gorgeous smile!

Al-Anoud in Design mode