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sabrina bean photography for Al-Anoud Dajani Designs

I am so blessed to have met some pretty talented people in my life. I have so many creative and gifted friends around me from Austin, Texas all the way to Portland, Oregon. This particular friend and former co-worker is Al-Anoud Dajani of Portland. An amazing Designer and seamstress, she also has an incredible eye for detail and color. Her dresses are one of kind and so incredibly stunning. Her business is booming of course and needless to say I am so honored that I had the chance to photograph her gorgeous gowns when I did! It’s not everyday you can say you photographed a famous designer. Thank you Al-Anoud, I miss seeing your beautiful smile! I wish you all the best! You can see the rest of Al-Anoud’s collection on her website.

*Featured Model – Chanel Iman and her gorgeous smile!

Al-Anoud in Design mode 

Uma is excited to be at her new school

Uma’s First Day of School in Austin with sabrina{bean}photography

Her bright blue eyes and tousled hair ( more like severe bed head) and little arms stretched high, she sits straight up in bed and says ;”Gooo-Mo-Ning!! That’s Uma! Happy as can be and rare in to go! ”
Hiiii Poooteee”, she says as I’m barley rubbing my eyes to focus on her cuteness. Face covered in banana’s (of course) she wears an oversized t-shirt that says PORTLAND that hangs past her knees, still.

It’s time for school Umie! “FO MEE??” is her response and a huge smile lights up her face like it’s Christmas morning. That is the joy about Uma. She makes the most mundane thing seem like it’s the best thing ever. She reminds me to look at things differently, whether I want to or not. She may have Downs Syndrome, but let me tell you something.. SHE IS  NOT RETARDED!  She is at times frustrated and frustrating, but what 4 year old isn’t? She knows that she can get away with a lot stuff with mama, but not with Pootie. As Ava says “Pootie’s gonna whip us into shape!” Darn tootin!

Uma constantly amazes me with her acting skills. She may know every word and move to Kung Fu Panda, but it’s Shrek the 3rd that she really loves. The scene where the Frog King  “croaks” (pun intended) she knows by heart, right down to lying on the floor with her tongue sticking out to the side. It wouldn’t surprise me if she even grew up to work with other children. Her sweet and loving disposition is so sweet and genuine. Whenever someone is hurt, either  it be myself or Ava from Charlie pinching or biting, (as she is want to in fits of brief rage), she walks right over and gently asks to see where you are hurt and then proceeds to kiss it better! “Aw bedder” she says as she gazes up with her big blue eyes. blink, blink.

She may be a handful at times, but to see her milestones is awesome…Like the first day of school here in Austin! My life may be different and chock- full of new experiences , but I am so glad that I didn’t miss this!

Uma is excited to be at her new school

Uma meets her new Teacher

waiting to go to class.. so patiently

Yeah! Time to go to class