Ups and Down’s Syndrome with sabrina bean photography

42 thoughts on “Ups and Down’s Syndrome with sabrina bean photography”

  1. What a beautiful story! Uma sounds like a wonderful little girl and is very lucky to have amazing role models in her life. Thank you for sharing your story it has touched my heart ❤

  2. Oh sorry just saw my typo! I wanted to say I shall always think of Down’s AS Up’s Syndrome from here on out. Anyway, this post was so lovely I had to read it again this morning! Truly beautiful!!

  3. she’s beautiful. My son has a little sweetheart in his grade 1 class with DS. She’s really a sweet little girl and is the topic of my son’s conversations regularly. He really likes her alot.

  4. What a beautifully touching story, and the poem really made me think, its not where we go its what we make of it when we get there x
    Happy Birthday Uma

  5. Uma is such an inspiration to all of us… She reminds so much of my son Derik,,,,,,he himself had plenty of ups and downs in his life., meaning he had many surgeries, including heart surgery… I never once thought god would take him away, I learned a whole new world as i gave the world to Derik….He has become such a great man that im so dam proud of …and i thank god for giving him to me . all the love , courage, and always believe in oneself… to Uma and her family

  6. This is so beautiful. I remember when Uma was born and Craig shared with me the news. I didn’t say I’m sorry, I said Congratulations! Uma is a blessing and just the way God intended her to be. Uma is also very blessed to have such a wonderful family.

  7. I’ve never read something so touching ! It requires a great deal of positive energy to think like this . I’m sure there was a reason Uma chose your family! 🙂 Truly so so so inspiring .. Don’t be down , be up!!! what a thought! 🙂 hats off ! Loved your italy holland story too!

  8. I have an Olu, he was born with an extra Chromosome, T21 also known as Downs Syndrome. Your story is beautiful how you came to love your path and see your path is beautiful. I knew from 26 weeks pregnant that Olu had an extra chromosome. I always say I never cared, I was happy all the time. I never felt a change of plan. You story helped me understand or remember why. Olu was my 41st birthday present. He came to be our fifth child. I was not looking to be pregnant or parenting anew again after my 4th. She was soon to be 7. I found out by looking to see if he would be an Olu or an Omalara. As we looked I didn’t see a fourth heart chamber, but my husband a doctor didn’t say hey look a there he has only three heart chambers so I dismissed it. He was so fast in there while they checked his ultrasound. I thought what a great swimmer, he was so funny in there I thought how happy and agile, what a great athlete. One ultrasound person left and another came in, she left and the doctor came in. We saw the doctor and we clung to the thought we hope it is trisomy 21. She showed us the heart chamber issue, the kidney issue and the brain cyst. We hoped for his peaceful transition in the womb. They considered trisomy 18. I still wasn’t sad. I wanted joy for my children that little spirits come and go. We will sing him a song and hope he can tap bye bye if he passes. We hoped a raw diet would heal his heart and kidney and brain, It did, he healed in there. He did have a VSD at birth. He came on his due date, cooked himself well for 40 weeks. He was 8pounds 13ounces. My 3rd largest baby. He nursed right away. He was a cute little Eskimo. He was a powerful nurser. I was proud and happy. I just never felt like a change in plan or shift in thought. I thought what a great new journey for our family, I asked for this as a child to have a baby with an extra chromosome, even my mother remember me saying this a small child. I created this little spirit with my thoughts what a powerful gift from my heart. I didn’t really want to have a 5th baby but know I felt anointed, and I was excited to meet him and he was all I hoped for. Never a sick day in his life, he did swallow a penny once. He is smart and cool, is the cutest in an outfit, he is determined and wise, funny and loving, fast and brave. Olu means preeminent and he is of God.

  9. I have an 8 year old grandson with DS, he is the light of his mommy and daddy’s world! And pretty special to old gram, too! Happy Birthday, Uma!

  10. My son is 35 yrs old.I denied to myself for 6 months that he was”different”. I have 5 other children.He has taught us all humility and unconditional love. Our entire family is better for knowing him. I tell everyone that they are all brothers and sisters,from a lovely planet,sent to earth for a reason. I needed to learn to be humble. This has been a beautiful life for him,and I want his quality of life to be the best I can give him.

  11. Hi Sabrina! Lisa Matulis told me about you and I’m so glad I googled you!!! I have a non profit org called Upside Of Down. My husband and I started it after our daughter was born with Down syndrome as well. I cried reading your blog entry because I felt like I was reading my very first entry on Thank you for sharing this story and your beautiful niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’ll call you re: some photography opportunities for the local Down syndrome Association and Upside Of Down in case you’re interested!


    1. So glad you found me! I ran into Lisa the other day and she told me about You! So glad you liked my story, Uma is such a special lil girl and our lives are richer because of her. I would be happy to work with your organization. If you are interested for your family I am running a special through labor day. Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. I just went to your site and saw the golf tournament! I would love to play! I have been a golfer for almost 20 years now. Played in highschool and college. If I can’t get a group together perhaps I can drive around and take some shots of the tournament! 🙂

  12. Beautiful story!! Your sister is very lucky to have you as her sister!! I’m an only child and the sisterly love is one thing I have longed for all my life… I love seeing sisters who appreciate and cherish each other! Sisters are a gift… not everyone gets one 🙂

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