LIVESTRONG Marathon, Mariachis and More with sabrina bean photography

88 thoughts on “LIVESTRONG Marathon, Mariachis and More with sabrina bean photography”

    1. Thanks so much! I think I was an architect in another life ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’ve noticed that I have a lot of pictures of the Austin skyline. I like to make people feel how tall something is rather than just see it. Thank you for the kind words! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Haha, I loved this. One of my favorite experiences was WATCHING my best friend’s dad run the NYC Marathon a couple of years ago. In fact, that was the event that solidified us as “bff’s”. Like her dad, my best friend is also a marathoner, and has tried unsuccessfully to get me in on the act. I too try the treadmill ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. What an awesome post! This makes me so excited to run my first marathon! I am still a ways a way, but know it will be a great accomplishment! Thanks for the beautiful pictures to look at and inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kick. Serious. Butt.

    What an interesting take on the event from a non-runner. I’m so pleased to have happened upon this from Freshy Pressed (congratulations there, too, by the way!). Love your photos and your re-cap of the race. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photos….Remember there is more to running than marathons and don’t limit yourself to photographing just that distance of race.
    Go to college cross country meets….the grass, the mud, the cold, the heat…..
    Go to local races put on by enthusiasts with not as much money as the big races…
    Show up at some college distance workouts and check those out..
    It is INDOOR season right now, you can get some GREAT shots of what running is up close in the confines of indoor arenas…
    But, thanks for shooting shots of runners…
    I like Austin too..not for running BUT for
    Townes van ZANDT, Guy Clark!!!!!!!!
    Blaze Foley!!!!!!!!!
    Great photos!

  5. Sabrina, I LOVE this post. I love that someone who wasn’t actually in the race could understand and capture what it meant to be part of it. My jiggly iPhone photos just don’t compare (after all, to quote Forrest Gump, I WAS RUNNING!). Yours are wonderful, from the wide angle view to the close up shots. Hooray!

  6. Reblogged this on Adventures In Austin and commented:
    I was stuck in traffic for hours because of the Austin Livestrong Marathon this weekend, but looking at these photos and reading this blog put everything in perspective for me. This is a beautiful event.

  7. Great shot of the Frost Tower. Did you know……the architect who designed Frost Tower is a Rice graduate. And….what is Rice’s mascot? An owl! Look at the building! Building that huge Rice Owl that close to the University of Texas was his way of flipping off the Longhorns!

  8. Those are gorgeous pics. I had no idea Austin looked so beautiful. Up to now the only thing I’d known about the city itself was that the roads were incredibly confusing. But that skyline looks so pretty.

  9. I was really enjoying this post because I ran the race, I love Austin, there were creative shots (love the sunset one) and THEN I saw I’m in one of the photos. Wowee ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am dying over your photo of the “Everybody has a way to get a rush” because there are way too many smiling people in one shot to be a marathon! I LOVE IT! I have worked a ton of marathons with my old job and never saw that many smiling people in one stretch of people (except you’re right, perhaps the people running for charities). LOVE the shot of the crowd that goes on forever! Way to dream up a shot and make it happen!

  11. Very nice photos – i can image this special feeling when You are running and musicians are playing. My first marathon was in last summer and your photos inspire me for next marathon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Great blog and pics of the Austin marathon!! I am an Austin native, but I don’t run. Tried it, and it hurt my knees. I do mountain bicycles and dirt bikes. They both have a whole other culture in Austin, that is not so visible as the popularized running / marathon culture. We get down and dirty, in the dirt, off the beaten path. But is was good to see your amazing photos!! Well done!!

  13. That one shot … as far as the eye can see …. is the most mind blowing … to see a bird’s eye view of so many runners must be quite thrilling. I would often break out in a run while on my morning walks and I am on the wrong side of 55 now. It sorta inspires me to try to do it again for it wasn’t so long ago that I would run too.

  14. Great photos! I ran the half and was excited/inspired by all the music that was being played on the sidelines. I am glad that you got a pic of the mariachis, I can’t remember what mile they were on, but I do remember them somewhere in the haze.

  15. I love when a photo moves me. Thank you for sharing all of them and I am a sucker for quotes. I myself am someone who has tried running but just didn’t jive with it. I even subscribed to Runners Magazine for two years and nada, zip, zilch in the way of motivating me to get back out there. I liked the photos though and I love the energy of a race. Hey, the sidelines peeps are just as important, right? Congrats to everyone who ran the marathon that day. I admire and respect the effort immensely!

  16. I would like to buy a couple of your photos from the LiveStrong event. It just so happens that you caputured both of my sons in two different shots. LiveStrong13 is a shot of my youngest and LiveStrong14 is a shot of my oldest son.

  17. I looked at all of your pictures really carefully as my brother lives in Austin and I know he ran recently so I guess it could be in this very race. I’ve never been to Austin. In fact, I haven’t seen my brother in over ten years.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity of having a glance around his hometown. I loved reading your article and looking at the pictures.
    And congrats on being FP’D!!

  18. wow fantastic shots. The sky view was spectacular, and the roadside shot were breathtaking! I’d love to try shooting marathons someday, but for now I should stick being a part of the running crowd. and I really love this quote from yours:
    “Running clears your mind, running feels invigorating when your heart is pumping, you feel what it means to be alive!”

  19. Amazing! I would love to photography like that one day. I am glad you got to do the shot you wanted. I also love the quotes you added to the photos!

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