sabrina bean photography recaps the best of 2011

PURE WOMAN is a great networking event for business women
The Kelley Family was a blast
Future Heartbreaker and Movie Star
I got some great head shots for these kids
Teen Beauty
There are many gorgeous families in Austin and here is one of them
DELSIH cupcakes are to die for!
It doesn't get much yummier than this!
A delightful Doula
Downtown sessions are fabulous for Ap Developers
Even when its 102 out I can make you look cool!
Brotherly Love
The last shot of the day is always fun
This family came all the way from Colorado!
I was the official photographer for BOLD- a play by Karen Brody
simply adorable
All smiles for this fantastic family
Being the Boss IS sexy- Another PURE WOMAN Event
Those eyes! another model in the making
Giggles and tickles! My favorite combo!
American Gothic or just fun bride and groom! a little of both 🙂

2011 was a very busy year for me and I couldn’t be happier about it! I know I have stated in many of my blogs that I am so blessed to follow my passion everyday, but I truly believe that is what keeps my business thriving! I am grateful everyday to do what I do.

I have had so many adventures this year and have had the chance to meet so many incredible individuals. I was able to witness a tiny baby being born into this world. I got to photograph former Presidents LBJ’s daughter in her penthouse. I saw my nieces turn another year older. I met so many wonderful familes, business owners, attended amazing events and photographed adorable children.

baby Nila was born and was just as tiny as the Bubbles
A surprise engagement before my eyes
Birth is beautiful

I even captured a couple getting engaged just by luck! I got to travel and see the beauty that is Texas. I am so grateful, honored and inspired  by all the people I have had the pleasure of photographing  over the last year. I wonder who I will meet in 2012, maybe it will be you!