sabrina bean photography slingin Sakura Bloom

I have been a fan of Sakura Bloom since 2005. They are the most beautiful and most comfortable baby slings that I have used and I have come across and tested many a sling. This fabric is light weight, breathes beautifully and one size fits all and did I mention GORGEOUS? Their Irish linen sling is perfect for Austin. It just whisks away the sweat and dries quickly so baby doesn't stick to you in the summer heat. There has been some controversy in the past about sling wearing and how dangerous they can be, but any product can be dangerous if you are not sure how to use it properly. Education is key here and what better way to learn than to sign up for a baby wearing class from Gena Kirby of Mommy Matters Online. This class covers the different ways to carry baby as they grow, and how to easily nurse in a sling and the benefits of wearing your baby. I see moms everyday wearing a variety of  slings and uncomfortable carriers, but nothing beats Sakura Bloom Slings. I am constantly telling moms to get a Sakura Bloom sling.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have gotten my youngest niece Charlie to sleep in a Sakura Bloom sling. There have been many occasions where Charlie has brought me her sling and tells me she wants to go bye-bye. I barely have to walk 20 paces before she is out. Not only are the Sakura Bloom slings practical, but they can be handed down to friends and family through many a baby! These are just a few shots I've gathered with Gena and Charlie over the past few months.

Gena and Charlie are wearing Pixie Bably Sling – Cotton Candy
The Essential Linen Two-tone

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  1. […] A sling is a great carrier if you only plan on buying one carrier. I personally adore Sakura Bloom. They make their slings out of linen. On their site they describe why this is an important factor: “Linen is naturally antibacterial with a built-in wicking property to it, so is fantastic for hot climates where baby might be sweating.  It will wick moisture away from the baby and then dry quickly on it own keeping you both comfortable.  Linen is made from Flax which is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. Flax is 5 times stronger than cotton! Sakura Bloom linen slings breathe beautifully, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.” I have had the pleasure of using their slings over the last 6 years.  […]

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